What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Without a doubt, I would choose Motion/Video Editor as a future job. The job description on the AIGI site reads “responsible for organizing and executing post-production of motion-based imagery and design projects and for finalizing the presentation of material to clients.” My decision to choose this job is based on the knowledge and experience I gained last semester in Craig Nilsen’s Video Techniques class. We learned the basics of shooting video and spent a great deal of time editing videos. In order to learn the ins and outs of the editing software, he provided the video and audio clips for our first three projects and taught us how to essentially “cut” the clips into pieces and stitch bits of those pieces together to create something new, be it a commercial or a story. Our last three projects required us to create our own music video, documentary, and a short narrative film. These were challenging projects that required planning ahead and attention to details. The goal when editing each project was to combine the footage in a way that made sense, told a story, and showed different interesting camera angles, for example, wide angle shots mixed with close ups.  In addition, music of our choosing needed to be added in some scenes to set the tone and complement the story. The editing was very time intensive and sometimes extremely repetitive, in order to make the editing appear seamless. Many times, I watched video clips frame by individual frame to match up actor’s head and body movements or played the music or actors voices slowly to find the “perfect” edit point. It was a tedious process, but one I enjoyed thoroughly. I think, when you spend hours day after day working on a project and it doesn’t feel like work, but is enjoyable to you, then you’ve found what you’re meant to do.


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