My thoughts on The Most Valuable Social Network

Sharing a post you’ve seen on Facebook is nothing unusual, but sharing/donating the use of your Facebook page is unusual, but pure genius, I think. What a novel idea. Who knew you could even donate your newsfeed? I didn’t, until I read about The Most Valuable Social Network,  a program recently launched to help The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) get missing child alerts out quickly, by way of Canadians’ social networking news feeds.  When a missing child is reported, the MCSC posts the information to donators’ social sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Actually, you can donate the use of more than one social media site, if you have multiple social networking accounts. The sole mission of The Missing Children Society is to search for and rescue missing children in Canada.  They are the only organization of their kind and they operate without financial assistance from the Canadian government. According to the article, more than 50,000 missing children are reported to their organization every year, so it would be no small task to fund the handling of that many searches. 

The fact that social media can cover so much ground so quickly makes it perfect for getting the word out when a child goes missing. We all know that those initial hours are the most critical and this puts information into people’s hands immediately after the authorities can post to donators’ newsfeeds. People can choose whether to receive alerts for the area where they live or for a broader range, such as nationally. On the site, it said that “once you join, alerts will be posted to your newsfeed four to five times a year.” I think, how could you NOT donate use of your social media site for such a good cause? It makes me wonder if we have organizations doing similar things in the United States.  


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